Aluminium Windows Cwmbran

Aluminium Windows Cwmbran

Improve your Cwmbran home with our variety of Aluminium Windows. BWM Ltd has been the go-to installer of aluminium doors and windows in homes in Cwmbran and Gwent for more than three decades. Start your quote today for our variety of aluminium windows.

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The Perfect Window Upgrade

Whether you want to replace a window within your Cwmbran home or you’re looking to carry out a structural glazing project, our selection of aluminium windows offers the perfect solution. The aluminium doors and windows we fit can complement traditional and modern homes alike, offering the best upgrade for ageing timber, steel and old uPVC window designs. The aluminium frame we use will let our Gwent customers improve the overall performance of their property for many years to come.

Although previously labelled as only an option for modern Cwmbran homes, our aluminium windows are a great replacement for timber. The Gwent homeowner can choose from a selection of woodgrain foils or go for something subtle that will retain the charm and character of the property. Or for South Wales customers that want to make a statement from their windows, choosing a bolder colour will make your home stand out from the rest of the street.

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Reduce Your Energy Bills

You can play your part for the local environment by investing in our aluminium windows for your Cwmbran home. The aluminium window is created with a thermal break, preventing heat loss from your Gwent home. When the frame of the window works alongside the double or triple glazing panes, it allows our aluminium window to achieve an A-energy rating.

As our aluminium windows keep your Cwmbran home naturally warm year-round, you'll be able to rely less upon your central heating for natural warmth. This means your energy bills will reduce, freeing up funds that can be spent on the things you want and need. With less energy consumed in your Gwent property year-round, the overall carbon footprint of the building will lessen.

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Secure Peace of Mind

Our Cwmbran customers can have complete peace of mind they've invested in the best aluminium windows for their home. Aluminium as a material provides an excellent level of rigidity and strength. When the frame is combined with the glazing panes and locks, it creates a high level of security across the whole window.

Multi-point locking is fitted on the frame of our aluminium windows. This will remove any potential weak points that could be exploited by those looking to break in to your Cwmbran property. By investing into our aluminium window frames, you can have complete peace of mind that your Gwent property is secure and your family will be protected.

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Made to fit Your Style

We know that all Cwmbran properties are different, which is why we put the Gwent homeowner in complete control over the design of our aluminium windows. The aluminium window frame at the base is versatile in its design. This means BWM Ltd can give our customers a selection of aluminium window styles to choose from. For your South Wales home, you can choose our Casement, French, and Tilt & Turn Aluminium window styles, with each window creates specifically for your home.

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Low Maintenance Frame

Unlike the old windows these will replace, our aluminium windows do not need a lot of the Cwmbran homeowner's time to maintain. The aluminium frame will continue to retain its quality, even after constant exposure to the changeable Gwent weather. The window frame won't bow, warp, peel, flake or be at risk of rot.

The aluminium window range we install has the colour imbued into the frame. This means the Cwmbran homeowner will not have to purchase paint and repaint the window. The only maintenance you'll need to carry out for our aluminium windows is to give the frame an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. This will maintain the good-as-new look for many years to come, and if the window is cared for properly, it can offer up to four decades of quality use within your Gwent home.

Quality Guaranteed

When investing in new aluminium windows for your Cwmbran or South Wales home, you want to be sure that you’ve got your money’s worth and that you’ve invested in the best products. BWM agrees with this sentiment, which is why we strive to give our Gwent customers the best products. That’s why when you purchase any of our aluminium windows, doors or conservatories you’ll receive a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. For more information, you can call us on 01443 844 240.

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If you’d like to discuss getting our Aluminium Windows installed for your Cwmbran home, or you’d like to discuss another product, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call the BWM team on 01443 844 240 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll reach out.

For those with a specific aluminium window colour in mind, start an online quote. Just enter a few details to receive a bespoke estimate, with no obligation to book.

Or why not book a visit to our showroom, where you can view our aluminium windows face-to-face.

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