Entrance Doors

Entrance Doors

Make a grand entrance to your Cardiff home with a brand new entrance door. Our beautiful composite and aluminium front doors are sure to make the best first impression. Get in touch today if you are based in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Newport, Caerphilly, Cwmbran or nearby areas across South Wales and South West England.

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Features & Benefits

Entrance Doors


Variety Of Styles

A front door is the first opportunity the Cardiff homeowner has to showcase their unique style and make a first impression to those visiting their property. That is why our doors are designed to offer stunning visual appeal. Not only this, but we create bespoke designs that reflect your unique taste.

Our range of entrance doors includes a variety of options, so you are sure to find something that suits your project. We offer aluminium and composite doors, meaning you can choose the material that suits your needs and budget of your project the best. Each material offers a range of benefits that will improve any Cardiff home.

Entrance Doors


Fully Customisable

You have complete freedom when it comes to our entrance doors. From the material to the colour to the handle, you can choose every detail. Whether you are seeking a traditional style or a more contemporary look, we can provide you with the ideal design for you.

As well as a choice of styles, we also offer a range of glazing designs that offer practicality and visual appeal. This gives you total control over the light, security and privacy of your property. You can also choose between composite or aluminium doors.

Entrance Doors


Thermally Efficient

No matter what style you choose, all of our entrance doors are highly thermally efficient. Our composite doors are designed to be 10% thicker than alternatives on the market. This helps to reduce heat loss, keeping warmth inside the property.

Our aluminium front doors are also designed to offer great insulation. They feature thermally efficient glass and a polyamide thermal barrier. These intelligent features work together to stop heat transferring across the frame or glass.

Entrance Doors


Highly Resilient

Our entrance doors are designed to be a robust and resilient addition to your property. They feature premium materials and durable hardware. As a result, these doors can withstand years of repeated use and heavy traffic without losing their high performance.

All of our front doors are designed with a durable coating, which won’t deteriorate quickly during extreme weather conditions. As a result, the finish won't peel, chip, flake or crack. These doors stay looking like new.

Entrance Doors


Secure Entrance Doors

Although a stylish front door is important, it’s even more essential that it keeps intruders out. That is why we only offer tough and robust entrance doors that will stand up against attempts at damage or forced entry. The Cardiff homeowner will feel secure within their property thanks to these market-leading locking mechanisms.

For even better security performance, we fit highly effective locking mechanisms as standard into each frame. These additions can resist modern burglary techniques. In fact, the majority of the doors that we offer comply with PAS24 standards. With an accredited quality, you'll provide the peace of mind that the property is secured.

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Entrance Doors Prices, Cardiff

Our entrance doors are high quality and competitively priced, meaning you can get the best value for money. Use our simple online quoting engine and enjoy a bespoke, tailored price. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss an entrance door for your commercial project. Use our online form, call us on 01443 844 240 or email info@bwmltd.co.uk. We install entrance doors for homeowner use and commercial projects across Pontypridd, Cardiff, South Wales and the South West of England.

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Entrance Doors

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To see more examples of our work, visit our recent projects page. From large, commercial developments to smaller, residential renovations. We have undertaken a wide variety of work over our time in the industry.

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The cost of an entrance door varies considerably depending on the material, quality, size and style. However, a door that is secure, thermally efficient and visually appealing is priceless. We offer entrance doors that perform across the board while remaining reasonably priced. Use our online quoting engine for a free quote or get in contact today to get a quote for your project.

There are countless varieties of entrance doors, all of which offer different benefits. We are proud to offer a wide range of styles, including the choice of aluminium or composite front doors. As well as this, we also offer numerous colours, finishes, glazing and accessories, providing a door to suit every Cardiff home. With a quality door from BWM, you'll enjoy the best quality for your commercial project.

We understand that security is one of the key considerations for front doors. That is why we have chosen highly secure locking hardware for our collection. The security of a door is determined by the locking system and the quality of the hardware. Our entrance doors boast excellent performance in both areas.

Composite doors are a type of door that features more than one material, for example: timber, foam and GRP. In recent years, these doors have become increasingly popular. This is primarily due to their strength, thermal efficiency and security. We offer a variety of stunning composite entrance doors for you to choose from for your Cardiff or South Wales glazing project.


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