Sash Windows, authentic, traditional & contemporary

Reflecting Excellence in Sash Windows throughout South Wales since 1991

Sash Windows, a classic feature for Georgian and Victorian properties

They are suitable for buildings in conservation areas and are a beautiful and elegant statement, unique in style and authenticity but with the added performance of modern engineering

Our Sliding Sash Windows include key features such as..

Low maintenance PVCu profile

Easy-action for smooth operation

Authentic run-through horns

Panes tilt inwards for easy cleaning

Traditional style furnishings

Pile seals to prevent draughts

With our experienced team of expert fitters and over 25 years in business, this has made us one of the leading installers for upvc sash windows across South Wales and Cardiff.

Traditionally single glazed and made from timber, sliding sash windows have been penalised for being high maintenance with outdated security and poor energy efficiency. That’s why so many home owners are now choosing to replace their existing timber windows with a high quality upvc sash window system. Our upvc sash window is made from the number one upvc system in the UK, carefully designed to replicate the authentic look of a classic timber box sash window, yet offering all the benefits of the latest technology systems without compromise. To find out more about our Sliding Sash windows, simply call us on 01443 844 240 or email

To find out more, simply call us on 01443 844 240 or email

Spectus Vertical Sliders

Our sash windows offer all the benefits of the latest technology systems, combined with the authentic look and feel of the traditional wood box sash window. Carefully installed by our experienced team of experts for a quality finish.

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