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Your local and trusted manufacturers and installers of the finest quality upvc systems, fitting windows in thousands of homes across South Wales for almost 30 years.

Key Features of our uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Market-leading uPVC quality profile

A+ energy efficiency rating

Advanced Security Options

Customisable Features

Secure locking

10-year insurance backed guarantee

Opening Your Way

The sophisticated tilt and turn window is becoming more popular in homes across Pontypridd and south Wales. We use the Eurocell tilt & turn window profile when manufacturing our tilt and turn windows, giving our customers the very best. As we manufacture the windows ourselves, customers can be sure of receiving a quality product for their home. The tilt and turn window combines the benefits of a large area of glass with ease of cleaning, as well as letting you ventilate your home as much or as little as you want. The tilt and turn mechanism lets you open the window inwards from the top for effective ventilation or from the side for safe cleaning within your home. The tilt and turn window is ideal for Pontypridd homes with little space or customers who live in flats or accommodation blocks.

Securing Your Property

When you purchase any new tilt and turn window for your Pontypridd home, you want to be sure that it adds to the security of your home. We’ve designed our tilt and turn windows using modern materials and engineering methods to counter against modern-day burglary techniques. Our tilt and turn windows are internally beaded, so the glazing within the window cannot be removed from the outside. The window can be secured even further with some of the most advanced security hardware on the market, with shoot bolts, locking handles, heavy-duty security hinges and hinge guards available for your windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows Pontypridd

Protection Against the Elements

Thanks to the expert installation of our tilt and turn windows, your Pontypridd home won’t be blighted by the elements. The premium-quality materials we use within our tilt and turn windows have been designed to stand the test of the poorer Welsh weather. You won’t have to worry about a draught or a cold breeze getting into your property through them (unless you leave the window open). The beauty of the tilt and turn window is you’ll also benefit from the south Wales sun. The large glazing area on our windows will let in the nicer light, so your home will stay warmer naturally. The opening qualities of the window or optional vents mean that you can be in control over how warm your house is.

Energy Efficient

Our tilt and turn window profile features a multi-chambered cross-section that helps to prevent heat loss and enhance the thermal efficiency of your home. Unlike steel window frames, our uPVC frames will keep the heat within your property and will not get hot. The glass pane itself will act as a barrier for heat escaping from your Pontypridd property, so you can start to lower your reliance on central heating, which will reduce your energy bills. The energy efficiency of these windows is so good that they have been given a rating of at least A+, something that can be improved further if you choose a triple glazed window. Not only will you be saving yourself money through the purchase of these windows, but you’ll be reducing your home’s carbon footprint, which will help to create a cleaner environment for everyone.

Tilt & Turn windows Pontypridd

Low Maintenance

When purchasing a new tilt and turn window, the last thing the Pontypridd homeowner wants to do is spend all their time cleaning it. One principal benefit of our uPVC profile is that it requires no maintenance. Unlike traditional timber windows, our product won’t bow, warp, crack or twist out of shape. All they require is the occasional wipe with a damp cloth, so you can spend more time doing the things you can enjoy.


Our Pontypridd customers can style their new tilt and turn window to fit in with the existing style of their home. With a variety of colours and finishes available, you can get the product that best reflects your tastes. As we manufacture our windows in our on-site factory, we not only create the product to the highest of standards, but can customise the window to your standards.

Tilt & Turn Windows Pontypridd

Our uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

We fabricated our tilt and turn windows in our own factory using only the best systems on the market. This means we have full control of the quality of our products so we can manufacture them to the highest standards. Choose from multiple systems and designs, available in an array of colour options, including smooth or realistic wood-grain finishes. To find out more about our uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows simply call us on 01443 844 240 or email info@bwmltd.co.uk

To find out more, simply call us on 01443 844 240 or email info@bwmltd.co.uk

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you get a new tilt & turn window installed in your Pontypridd or South Wales home, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. At BWM we agree with this sentiment and want our customers to buy the best product that can provide years of service to their homes. That’s why when you buy any of our windows, doors or conservatories, you’ll receive a 10-year insurance backed guaranteed. For more information, call 01443 844 240.

Tilt & Turn Window Prices Pontypridd

If you want to install a tilt and turn window in your Pontypridd or South Wales home, then don’t hesitate to call us. Our team are available to take any questions and can be reached on 01443 844 240 or you can fill out our online contact form.

If you already know what colour tilt and turn window you want for your home, then why not fill out our online quote. This will provide you with a bespoke estimate of how much our services and product will cost you.

Or why not visit our brand-new showroom, where you can see our range of products face-to-face. We are located at Unit A5, Severn Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd. We hope to see you soon.



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