Roof Glazing

Roof Glazing

Quality roof glazing is the key to creating a space that is light, open and comfortable. Our premium glazing is available for properties in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Newport, Caerphilly, Cwmbran or nearby areas across South Wales and South West England.

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Features & Benefits

Roof Lantern


Versatile Design Feature

Choosing the perfect roof glazing for your double glazing project allows you to enhance the building with the Cardiff sunlight. We offer both stunning roof lanterns and flat rooflights. This means that we can provide the ideal style to meet the requirements of your project.

Flat rooflights create a sleek, minimalist feature that appears frameless from within the Cardiff property. On the other hand, traditional rooflights offer more headroom and boast a more eye-catching design. Whatever the requirements of the project, we will endeavour to install or supply a product that meets them.

Roof Lantern


Thermally Efficient

All of our roof glazing options boast fantastic thermal efficiency that places them at the forefront of the market. In fact, they can achieve a U-value of as low as 0.7 W/m2K when triple glazed. This will help to save the Cardiff homeowner money on energy bills.

Our roof systems are designed with insulating profiles that are strong, slim and thermally efficient. We also use toughened, energy efficient glass. As a result, our roofs trap heat and keep out the cold, even in extreme weather conditions.

Roof Lantern


Sleek Style

Roof glazing adds a sleek and eye-catching feature that will enhance the style of any Cardiff property. We use market leading designs that feature the highest quality materials. This product is the perfect finishing touch for any double glazing project.

As a result, our roof systems boast slim rafters that create a sophisticated look and allow more light in, without compromising on strength. We can even offer intelligent designs that conceal the tie bar within the rafters due to the strength of the structure. This creates an even more elegant look for any Cardiff home.

Roof Lantern


Intelligent Glazing

We offer a range of roof systems that all feature efficient, smart glazing. As well as being highly thermally efficient, our intelligent glass also boasts solar control. This means the Cardiff homeowner won't have to worry about sun-damage or heat escaping their property.

This glass reflects over 60% of the sun’s energy, keeping the space cool during the summer and protected from UV rays. We can also offer self-cleaning glass! A functional coating helps to break down dirt and encourage it to wash away. This means the Cardiff homeowner won't be left carrying out any high maintenance tasks.

Roof Lantern


Customisable Look

Every aspect of our roof systems is fully customisable. From size and shape to colour, we allow you to create the perfect style to suit your double project. We can provide a fit that will appeal to every Cardiff homeowner.

You can choose between traditional roof lanterns and contemporary flat rooflights, depending on the look of your South Wales property. Our lantern roofs are also available in a range of shapes, such as circular, pyramid and rectangular. We also offer the option of aluminium or uPVC and a variety of colours.

Roof Glazing

Roof Glazing, Cardiff

Our roof glazing options are available for highly competitive prices. For a fast, free, no-obligation quote, use our easy online quoting engine. If you're looking to carry out a commercial project, get in touch by filling out our online form, emailing or calling 01443 844 240.

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Roof Lantern Options

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Please take a look at our recent projects page to see more examples of our work. We have carried out a wide variety of project during our years in the industry. From large-scale, commercial developments to smaller, residential renovations, we’ve got a lot of experience.

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Yes! Our roof glazing makes a great addition to extensions and orangeries. Our range can usually be incorporated into any room. Whether you want to create an open and bright kitchen-diner to host parties in or an inviting and comfortable living space, adding a roof lantern or rooflight can help achieve the look you need for your double glazing project.

Our intelligent a roof glazing is designed to keep heat inside the Cardiff property. Clever design features separate the warmth inside from the cold outside, meaning that the room will remain at a more comfortable temperature. Our market-leading roof systems can achieve a U-value as low as 0.7W/m2K with triple glazing.

As with all home improvements, there is a chance that roof glazing may need permission. This depends greatly on the style of roof system that you opt for. It is best to discuss the matter with your local authority. However, if lantern roofs aren’t permitted due to height limitations, our flat rooflights are the ideal alternative.

The hard-to-reach position of roof lanterns and skylights, has made roof glazing difficult to clean and maintain. However, our intelligent glass is self-cleaning. This is achieved through the useful coating which encourages dirt, debris and organic matter to dry up and easily wash away. As a result, the roofs stay clean and clear much more easily.

Roof Glazing Prices, Cardiff

Our roof glazing options are both high quality and competitively priced. Start your free, no obligation quote today with our fast, online quoting engine!

If you'd like to discuss our roof glazing for your commercial project, you can also get in touch. We install and supply roof glazing for projects across Pontypridd, Cardiff, South Wales and the South West of England.

We can also offer you a quote over phone or email. Call us on 01443 844 240 or send us an email on We look forward to hearing from you.

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