Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

We have been providing quality aluminium windows for properties in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Newport, Caerphilly, Cwmbran and nearby areas across South Wales and South West England for many years. Keep up with the current trend for these slimmer, stronger and sleeker window frames by coming straight to the experts.

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Features & Benefits

Aluminium Windows


Timeless Style

Aluminium windows are a current trend in the home improvement market. However, they add a timeless elegance to any Cardiff property and won’t go out of style. The slender design creates a clean finish that will complement any period, style or size of building.

The slim aluminium frame allows for a larger glazed area, while the efficient glazing prevents excess heat loss. As a result, these windows offer enhanced light and views to any Cardiff property. If you're looking to carry out a double glazing project, consider the aluminium window.

Aluminium Windows


Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium windows are designed to be highly thermally efficient. The efficient aluminium profile features a thermal break, which helps to prevent excess heat loss. This can be combined with the option of double or triple glazing.

As a result, BWM aluminium windows can reach an A energy rating. By choosing these insulating windows, you can help keep a property warmer, with less need for central heating. By choosing the aluminium profile, you'll be helping the Cardiff homeowner do their bit for the environment, reducing the carbon footprint of the property.

Aluminium Windows


Versatile Design

To ensure we offer stunning aluminium windows to suit any Cardiff property, we offer both traditional and modern styles. Our windows are sourced from a range of market leading suppliers. This means that we can provide something to suit the need of every double glazing project.

We offer a wide variety of window styles for every project, including casement, French and tilt & turn. On top of this, we offer a selection of colours and finishes. You can even choose from a variety of matching handles.

Aluminium Windows


Impressive Lifespan

Aluminium windows are growing in popularity, fast becoming the new replacement for uPVC or steel. This increased demand is due to the aluminium’s inherent strength and longevity, making it an attractive choice for any double glazing project.

Our frames will be able to withstand years of extreme weather conditions and heavy, repeated use without losing performance. The durable coating also means that the frames will stay looking like new for a long time, without peeling, rotting or warping.

Aluminium Windows


A Greener Window Choice

Aluminium windows are commonly considered a greener window choice than steel or uPVC alternative. This is because aluminium is fully recyclable. As a result, these frames won’t end up in a landfill after use.

Instead, the frames can be remade into another product. Recycling material uses far less energy than creating an entirely new product from scratch. You can buy these frames without worrying about the consequences on the environment.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows, Cardiff

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Aluminium Windows

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In recent years, aluminium windows have become increasingly more popular in Cardiff properties. The days when white uPVC frames dominated the market are gone. In many ways, aluminium outperforms uPVC; the windows are generally stronger, slimmer and longer lasting. They are a worthwhile investment for any home and a must for commercial projects.

Aluminium windows often prove to be a cost effective option for replacing steel windows, boasting a far lower price. Aluminium frames may be an initially more expensive investment than uPVC. However, in the long run, the quality and lifespan of these windows means that they can prove to be far better value for money to the Cardiff homeowner.

Despite boasting a larger amount of glass than uPVC windows, our aluminium windows are still highly thermally efficient. The profile features a thermal break, which creates a barrier between the cold outside and the warmth inside. The effect is furthered by the choice of double or triple glazing. The Cardiff homeowner can enjoy more glass without less energy efficiency.

Our aluminium windows are designed to resist modern burglary techniques. The frames boast multi-point locking systems. This ensures that there is consistent security across the frame. We even offer styles that have been approved by Secured by Design! This is a police-backed scheme which uses clever home improvements to reduce crime.

Aluminium Window Prices

Our aluminium windows are competitively priced to areas in and around Cardiff. Start your free, no obligation quote today using our easy to use online quoting engine!

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