Glass Extensions

Glass Extensions

A glass extension is the ideal way to add a stunning space to any style of property in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Newport, Caerphilly, Cwmbran or nearby areas across South Wales and South West England. They offer increased light, value and floor space.

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Features & Benefits

Glass Extensions


Enhance With Light

Glass extensions are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles. There is something to suit every project possible. Whichever option you choose will enhance your Cardiff property with ample light and stunning views.

Whether you require a contemporary finish or a more traditional look, our range offers something to suit every need. Vast expanses of glass allow stunning natural light to pour into the room. This makes any Cardiff property feel brighter, more open and more welcoming.

Glass Extensions


Thermally Efficient

In the past, glass extensions could be considered a risk due to subpar insulation. However, our cutting edge, modern designs ensure that the Cardiff homeowner will enjoy the best thermal performance. The market leading windows and doors used within the design can achieve up to an A+ energy rating.

As well as insulating windows and doors, we also offer a choice of highly efficient roof systems. These work to prevent heat being lost through the top of your extensions. As a result, these spaces stay warm and comfortable all year, even in the cold South Wales winters.

Glass Extensions


A Valuable Addition

Glass extensions are a valuable addition to any Cardiff property. This is not just because they are an attractive design feature that enhances the appearance of the building, but also because they add useable floor space. This offers the South Wales homeowner a space that can be used throughout the year, even in the cold winter months.

Adding an extension is frequently considered one of the most effective methods of increasing the value of a Cardiff property. Whether you are looking for a modern finish or are needing a traditional look, we can offer the perfect style for your double glazing project. Contact our team today to discuss the exact requirements for your build.

Glass Extensions


Customisable Style

We know that every property has a unique character. That is why we offer our glass extensions with a wide range of bespoke options. You can choose the size, shape and roof style that best suits the needs of your Cardiff double glazing project.

We also offer a selection of window and door varieties that best suit the needs of your project. Whatever you have in mind for your extension, be it a lounge, kitchen or workspace, we can provide you with the perfect, bespoke design options. Our team is on-hand to ensure all requirements are met for your project.

Glass Extensions


Lasting Quality

Our glass extensions are manufactured from quality materials and hardware that are designed to stand the test of time. The robust and weather resilient components mean these structures will continue to perform for years. These extensions are an excellent addition to any commercial project

Due to their intelligent design and effective features, the space will remain warm, dry and comfortable, even during extreme weather. The longevity and versatility of these builds make them a worthy investment for any style of Cardiff property.

Roof Lantern Options


Roof Lantern Options

You can enhance your glass extension further with our range of roof lanterns. These intelligent designs are built to let the Cardiff homeowner make the most of the sky above them, using slim frames and large panels of glazing. The internal ridge of our roof lanterns is 70% slimmer than competing designs and up to 33% stronger. By using the best materials, you'll be able to use your glass extension 24 hours a day, throughout all seasons.

Despite their slim design, our roof lights don't hinder the thermal performance of our glass extensions. Our quality systems with triple glazing panes can achieve U-values of 0.95 W/m2K. Even in the coldest of South Wales winters, you'll be able to enjoy your garden from the comfort of indoors.

Glass Extensions

Glass Extensions Prices, Cardiff

We offer stunning, fully customisable designs for highly competitive prices. Use our simple online quoting engine and get a tailored price in minutes. If you're looking to start a commercial project, get in touch and speak to a member of our team today. You can fill in our online form, email or call 01443 844 240.

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Glass Extensions

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BWM glass extensions are available with both aluminium and uPVC components. We offer the freedom of material to provide an extension that best suits the requirements of your project. We use the highest quality aluminium and uPVC, meaning that whichever choice you opt for, the Cardiff homeowner can enjoy an exceptional performance.

In the past, sub-standard glass extensions could be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. As a result, the spaces were not always comfortable areas to spend time in. However, with our modern extensions this is not the case. Thermally efficient design ensures the room stays warm during colder months. At the same time, patio or bifold doors keep the room cool in summer.

Our glass extensions are designed to be highly secure. We use premium quality components and hardware, which will offer excellent performance and security for many years. The windows and doors we offer are available with reliable, multipoint locking systems that can resist modern burglary techniques. This will give the Cardiff homeowner complete peace of mind that their property is secure.

Whether glass extensions require planning permission is highly dependent on the style of extension that you would like. It is always best to check with your local authority about whether planning permission is required for what you are after. However, regardless of whether permission is needed, we’ll do our utmost to keep the process simple for both the homeowner and installer.

Glass Extensions Prices

We are proud to offer premium glass extensions for competitive prices to locations in and around Cardiff. Begin your free, no obligation quote today with our fast, online quoting engine!

If you'd like to discuss a glass extension for your commercial project, you can also get in touch. We supply and install glass extensions for glazing projects across Pontypridd, Cardiff, South Wales and the South West of England.

You can call us on 01443 844 240 or send us an email on We look forward to hearing from you.

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